"I hate these Jellies." - Two Marines are walking in some mysterious cave.


Inspired from SC2 trailer.


Wow. Now this is different.

Whoa-ho-ho there buddy.

That is an awesome picture.

I think thats the first picture from you I really like. Its still only two soldiers walking around, doing nothing, but the atmosphere and enviroment make it different and awesome.

Reminds me of [Prototype]

Cool pic, man. Have an Arty!

Finally something amazing and sorta original from you. I’m in love with it, this is sex.

Reminds me of red faction. Cause there making a shitty alien one now.

this reminds me of that fucking hard as hell level in metro 2033 with the giant jihadi amoebas


Is a marvellous contrasting color image

Lol only a matter of time till a korean make’s a starcraft picture.

Mind melted.
Kinda reminds me of Aliens.

This is an amazing picture, it lets your imagination go to work instead of spelling out what you are looking at.