I Hate You.

This is the last thing Louis saw when he mistook a part on Francis’ bike for pills.


I should have lessened the Gaussian blur for Francis’ body… and the background, too sharp of a drop… if anyone wants to see the original, let me know.


Constructive criticism is appreciated as well… Please?





I think it looks nice but Francis looks kind of just cut into the picture. His edges are too sharp.

Good Picture but could of been Less Blurred

Agree. Good pose and pic overall, but relax on the blur.

yeah, I don’t know why there looks like a cut around Francis, I will see if I can find a way to fix that problem

Reminds me of that anti-atheism ad.

Francis is abit too sharp, otherwise it’s really cool! :slight_smile:

To bad about those outlines. Its cool but the outlines kinda ruin it.

What the hell. Do they run ads against people like me now. Yes! Atheism’s satanic agenda of imposing knowledge, logic and reason upon the world must be stopped I guess:)

Basically the ad was like “murderers don’t believe in God, so atheists are murderers”


wait let me find it



There’s also a video version

Good grief. If they really wanted to be honest about genesis, it advocates slavery, incest, murder, genetic suicide and more. And they feel they have the right to talk moral to me. They are stone fuck nuts.

I hate to turn this into a religous debate but I only read the franklin bible.
(takes away miracles keeps morals)
but the picture is quite bad isolation errors galore

yeah but lets make the thread about Francis again