''I hath recently acquired knowledge that my ancestors where indeed painters''

At least we now know what his last name is.

Immedietley got the reference.



Thou is unequal in payment and comes from Ireland.

Use thine eyes to gaze upon thou’s stack of magnificent headwear

I must conclude what you say is false, and that the individual you have proposed to be in a presidential position of power within an organization dedicated to the appreciation of said maroon-colored individual that engages in the art of espionage is in fact the female from whose loins you have been spawned.

This is awesome

I must ask of thee, fellow gentlemen, to thyn comment and critique upon this masterous work of artistry.

You mean were*

The evidence you have proposed to me hath made me realize this grammatical falseness of mine.

I must inform you of the fact that my occupation with of the band of mercenaries you currently are associated with is an outright fallacy, and, in reality, I had not at any one point in time been a member of the aforementioned group.

I have laid waste to the structures of your construction in much the same manner as I have committed said act against you.

It has come to my attention that at this present moment, I am not the sole individual in the general area whose occupation is that of espionage.

le snort

I must inform you that you must mount thyn horse and travel with haste to the depths to where sinners are doomed for their acts.

I hath observed transparent photographs which shows your bones and it is my duty to inform that you are truly not very skilled at said occupation of yours.

I do believe I have burst into flames.