I have 2 .bsp maps, how do I edit them in Hammer?

I have Source Multi-tool, I want to map rp_downtown_v4c, but I only have the .bsp files, I cant open them in Hammer? How can I convert them to vmf files?

you don’t.

and by you don’t I mean you can decompile them, but they’ll be ridden with so many errors you really shouldn’t recompile it ever. not to mention the whole like editing someone elses map without permission deal.

Honestly the newest decompiler-tools dont cause nearly as many errors as the older ones, I’ve found they often create a perfect re-creation apart from things as VisGroups (some of them also combine all func_details into one large one). I’ve used BSPSource several times now to recover maps from one of my older computers, havent run into errors yet.

Obviously not saying it’s okay to decompile the works of others, but the tools arent nearly as bad as people say they are.

Not sure why this was rated dumb, but okay I guess

When a map is compiled, a lot of optimization entities such as Area Portals, Hint brushes and so on are removed. This greatly hurts FPS, and it can be a hard time fixing them up, especially if you don’t know the original placement.