I have 2 graphics card

Hello, i’m french and i suck in English so excuse me

I have a laptop, and 2 card graphics :

  • Nvidia Geforce 610M - 2 GB
  • Intel HD Graphics 3000

Normally, if the game is. Exe, i use “Panneau de configuration Nvidia” for change

but it is a game in browser so how ?


Hum … ^^

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Intel HD Graphics 3000 = chipset
Nvidia Geforce 610M - 2 GB = “Real card graphics”

I want change but how ?

If you want to change the default video card to your nvidia instead of your intergrated, you ahve to change it in your system’s BIOS. I think that’s what you mean lol

Yes but normally, if the game is .Exe, i use “Panneau de configuration Nvidia” for change

my Nvida control panel won’t let me either and i dont know why

So how did you do?

I mean i tried to change the video card of google chrome using control panel because its a web browser game, but it wouldnt let me

He re-create the thread.

It’s in a laptop? It should default to the secondary one… i have no idea about this really, as most laptops only have the one built in card.

Yes so how did you do?

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I couldn’t control panel wouldn’t let me. The box to select you preffered graphics processor was greyed out

Me too

Utilise le navigateur Opera, il utilise automatiquement la carte graphique la plus puissante.

Use the opera browser, he’s using your best graphics cards without setting up anything.

you have to delete your current integrated graphics card then reboot your laptop with the nvidia driver disk installed and when you reboot boot to disk. If that dont work then go into your systems settings and uninstall any software/hardware related to your intel video card. Then install the nvidia one. Its hard to explain over a forum but it shouldn’t be hard to do its just a few mouse clicks.

Change the GPU your browser uses, unity will automatically use the same GPU that the browser is using.

Opera is currently the only browser, that I’m aware of, that properly handles primary/secondary GPU handoff with Unity properly. Xhat mentioned it first, and this is why.