I have a 2008 laptop with a Pentium. No Graphics card. Suggestions for a new one?

I get 15 frames in CS:GO. FML. I need money to get a gaming PC.
I would really like to play Rust at a decent framerate, let alone CS:GO
Source runs at 80.
Half Life 2 runs at 60 frames.
Payday 1 does not run.
LFD2 surprisingly runs at 20 frames, better than CS:GO.
Please send help, and a new PC because my laptop sounds like it’s going to explode whenever I play anything.

I would like to play rust…
Would a build with a GTX 970 and a intel i5 cpu run this game fine?

Wait, you can run Half-Life 2 on 60fps, but you are not able to run Left 4 Dead 2 in a higher framerate than 20fps?
You got HL2 in these kind of settings or something then? Because in most Source games the preformance is pretty much the same.

Also, if you want a PC build that just runs CS:GO perfectly then a GTX 970 is a bit of a overkill, unless you’re future proofing your PC.

I want to know if I can run Rust, in 60 frames or higher with that build.

Also Left 4 Dead 2 runs badly because of the amount of zombies running everywhere, and all of those physics going at once. The frames kick up to about 30-40 whenever there are no zombies, but it stutters when a zombie is running at me.

Also yeah i’m planning on playing arma 3, dayz, and some other games. I also want to play battlefield 4. I did a lot of research into this build and it can run BF4 on ultra at 80 fps.

Also it’s a miracle that i’m silver elite master in CS:GO. I’ve got a mean flickshot.

But seriously, for Rust, will it run it on this build?

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Also by the time I played Half Life 2 episode 2, since there was so many new graphics improvements, it dropped my frames down to 30 in the opening sequence, but in the caves, they were back at 60 or so.


Runs smoothly, even with Streaming on 1080p. (60+FPS)

Thanks man.

Ten extra gigs of ram helps especially with the reoccurring memory leaks

They’ll fix that though, right?

the memory leaks are a server problem, not clientside.
correct me if im wrong.