I have a custom model that needs improving, can I get some help?

Okay so a few years ago, I got a friend of mine to make me a custom Ragdoll/player model. The Catbine, as seen in my avatar and in my youtube videos

and while the model itself is great. it’s in DIRE need of some refining, only the thumb and forefinger are pose-able, and there’s a few other issues as well. Plus when my friend made this model he packed it so sloppily it’s not even funny. The model also uses the skin changer tool to help change the expression of the eye lens, and that works excellently. However I was wanting to see if the “eye” could be pose-able by some means.

I need the assistance of someone well-experienced in this sort of thing, if you think you got the chops for this, just reply to this topic or PM me and we’ll talk. I’m willing to pay for the time and effort for the help here.

Thanks in advance.