I have a fast upload rate but it doesn't effect my clients GMod download speed. HELP!

Okay so my upload rate is 1mb/s and no one else uses the internet but me and my friend has a 4mb/s download speed and for some reason when I had crappy upload it was so slow for someone to join and download my SMALL “kb” files and now that I upgraded the server still has a crappy upload so I’m thinking the server has a max upload rate or something. I was basically wondering does anyone know a script or command for console that ups the upload rate? If anyone can come out with a simple answer or code that would be epic. Thanks a million! :slight_smile:

Source’s downloading has a cap of something really small, and Idk if you can change it or not.

You can’t. You will have to setup fast download if you want to get > 30KB/s

Also, 1 mbps isn’t even CLOSE to fast. It’s what you’d get if you were in a third world country. Or my house.

I was gonna say that too haha, my upload is like 8mb/s

Get fastdl?

It’s not mbps numbnuts I have megabytes per second that’s what mb/s is…

MB/s is mega bytes per second, Mb/s = mbps.

Ahh megabits, a marketing scheme

Thank you for telling me. That means my upload is 1MB/s :smiley:

The upload rate is clamped engine-side, there’s nothing to change it.