I have a few Garry's Mod performance questions

Hi, I need to know a few things, and some of these questions my be dumb af, but oh well:

  1. Is there a way to make my private gmod server open up quicker? (Yes I have a lot of addons, but it literally takes about 5 mins to load and change map, but people can join so quickly)

  2. My bro (who is not on a poor or good laptop) takes so long to join, longer than me and my other bro. Once it says he has connected to the server he can’t play for about 3 minutes. Is there some way to fix this or does he need a better laptop.

  3. Do server hosters make your server open / change map faster etc

Thanks to anyone who actually replies xD

  1. Yes, reduce the number of addons on your server to the essentials. The reason people join so quickly is because they have most likely played on your server before and so they do not need to download anything again.

  2. Without knowing the specs of the laptop it’s hard to determine if the laptop is the problem. It could have to do with your internet, if all 3 of you are attempting to join the server around the same time it’s possible it may be straining your connection.

  3. No, hosts have nothing to do with it however the hardware the server is on may play a role.

What kind of hard drive do you have? No matter the case it should never really take 5 minutes to load up a server unless something is really fucked up.

Its 750GB, 7200RPM - http://www.pc-specs.com/storage/Hitachi/HTS721075A9E630_750GB/682 ,
it takes ages with all my addons but there must be a way to speed it up :frowning:

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But vanilla TTT is rubbish xD

I didn’t say not to use addons, you can use addons but having an exuberant amount is going to cause problems and long loading times.

its mainly the player models for my server tbh. Pointshop 2 takes forever to load them and what not. But thanks for your replies man <3