I have a good idea for a SWEP pack, but I need help...

Ok, so I thought to myself that this game was missing some good weapons, so I can up with this idea -

A Combat Arms Weapon Pack (Rare Weapons Only)

If you haven’t played the game here are some of the guns I would like to see in Gmod:




So anyone that is good at this stuff, and wants to help out, thanks.

If you want to help send me a message…

There’s enough weapons packs on garrysmod.org. think of something original and crazy

you know all of that shit is just a retexture of current guns

Well that may be true, but I still think that this would be a good SWEP pack, after all, a group of MW3 guns (3) made it to #1

  • because most people who download sweps are easily amused by the combination of models, sounds, and a game title (and effects sometimes)

Speaking objectively, Yes it would do good, because most gmod players are stupid :confused: