I Have a Job Servers

Game is great, I enjoy the hardcore aspect, but I just can not play until prime time and weekends.

So are there any servers out there for those who have to work during the week and prefer not to wake up naked with a rock, because they have to earn a living?

Just don’t play rust, wait until the game is further in development

There’s literally nothing to do, so after a few hours people begin raiding - and yes there are servers with no sleepers/no decay but I can’t imagine those turn out very well

You can use ours,

Server Info:

[AU] WorldsEnd-PVP_NoSleepers
Connection info:


I slave 9-to-5 and i have a 2 year old kid. this server is great as it has both PVP and PVE

there is some raiding but if you build in the safe zones you’ll be ok.

The admin is Razoo, he is as helpful as you need him to be.

He will explain the rules to you if you need to.

Actually the no sleeper/ no decay servers are pretty nice. I’m not playing on one now because I am playing with some people on a server that uses stock settings, but I have played on a no sleepers / no decay server and it was nice. You can still be raided, but you can build up enough that most people won’t be able to raid you. Logging on after a week of absence to find your guy in your base with all your items still on you is a good feeling. But finding a community server that doesn’t wipe often is a whole different issue.

server looks good Shackledfrog, but I had hoped to find something east coast US

amen brother. same situation here. i play on officials (so far) and cope by really using survival techniques (stay off the beaten path, build away from landmarks, metal doors etc.) so far i’m raid free, but all these tots with no job, no life, no bedtime, definitely puts us jobbers at a disadvantage.

Breaking Bad Rust
200 slots
US Based
New/Wiped today (1/29)

Small group of fair, adult admins. No admin abuse. However, hackers/exploiters will be investigated/banned. Constant/false reporters will be punished as well.

Focus on the survival aspects (with PvP) of the game with C4 and military weapons (P250, 9mm, MP5, Shotgun, M4) being uncraftable and only found in drops, making them rare. Revolver, Pipe Shotgun, and Bolt Action Rifle are craftable. We will be watching how this plays out to adjust drops up or down accordingly.