I have a model I'd like rigged as a playermodel

It’s T-posed and everything, I’m just stuck. If someone could please help me, that’d be completely awesome.


3Ds Max format, textures included in .vtf format (you’ll need the VTF plugin from wunderboy). I didn’t include the VMT’s since they’re messed up anyways lol…


That´s nice, no screenshots at all

I smell suspicion, because there is no screens


Anyone willing to give this a try?

Well no shit sherlock obviously he is going to whine about you not adding a screenshot because he doesn’t know what the fuck your talking about that’s needing rigging so clearly he isn’t a jerk.



Ok, I cleaned up a bit. Maybe someone would like to consider this now?

Come on, please?

It’s bad to bump. but on your own thread?

That’s actually when it’s NOT so bad. Especially when you’re trying to get a request done.

Actually yes it’s bad to bump threads because it can cause you to get banned. Good day sir.

And has anyone bothered to notice that 1) it’s MY THREAD 2) the last post was only two days ago, not two years ago like most of the retarded bumps?

Jeez, grow up guys.

Trust Me Basically nothing in the Request’s section gets done, It’s just the way of FP

And what pvt.jenkins said :stuck_out_tongue: You’re just going to have to deal with it.

Or I could continue to bump my request for a while longer in the hopes that someone will actually realize that being nice costs nothing…

At least someone please help me figure out how to rig it myself! I looked at like twenty tutorials and every time I did them the model came out looking like it got sent through a meat grinder. Several times.

Nothing gets done because most of what people request is too hard. I mean rigging is very tedious and difficult.

It’s T-posed, there’s a skeleton…I did everything I could to make it as easy as possible. I know for a fact that it isn’t easy; after all, I went through like twenty tutorials and didn’t get it right a single time!

What application are you using to rig?

3Ds Max 2009.