I have a problem with compiling using gmad.exe

I have a bit of a problem here.

So my friends and me decided that I should change most of the weapons names and change their damage/recoil/precision/ammo. I did that, and it all worked properly on the basic weapons. There we’re some LUA-errors as well, but I thought: “Pffff… Nothing hard to fix, just open up this file and delete the bug.” Well… It wasnt that easy. First I had to decompile the code of the wanted files, because stuff was in there I couldnt find in the GMA files. So I decompiled it, fixed what was wrong and tried to compile it, but it doesnt work. It just simply does not wont to be compiled. I dont have any idea what causes this.

I dont know if it is because I edited the GMA files directly, all I know is that gmad.exe doesnt compile anything.

I really need help, we’re missing about 5-6 weapons that we’d like to use, but cant at the moment. Every form of help is highly appreciated.

Wish you all a nice day!


Don’t edit the GMA files yourself, unless you are also going to count the offset you’ve now added to each header and directory. Just decompile it (google it), change the files, then recompile it.

Gonna try that right now

I’ll uninstall every mod i have installed atm, than reinstall it and do as you said…

I’ll be happy if this works

EDIT: So apparently, dragging and dropping the folder onto gmad.exe calls the window, but doesnt produce output in any noticable way. I did how you said, decompiling the gma first and than edit it + compile it, allthough the compilation step hasnt worked (at least not properly).
EDIT Nr.2: I just found out that folders need to have a addon.json file… Lets see


So my mistake was to not include an addon.json file, which lead to the folder not being compiled. Guess I need to read some more before I do some more mistakes like this. Thanks for the help anyways, because I’d’ve continued editing .gma’s ^^.