I have a problem with Valve's Hammer Editor.

Okay, i have my whole level ready to go. I go to File, Export… and I save it as Maze Battle.vmf, and i go into garry’s mod map folders and save it as, Maze Battle.bsp. So when i go to play it on GMod, i double click it, and just goes back to the main menu. So i figure i have a leak, so go into check everywhere, put a big hollow box around it, the works. I go back into gmod, still, no success. So i decide i could just make a big hollow box and put an “info_player_start” in there, save it, go to play, absolutely nothing happens.

I also noticed that i couldn’t test my map in Hammer (i press F9, it compiles, when its done, it just sits there).

      Any Help?

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the mapping section is where this should be

wrong section, amigo.

Hm, i cant seem to find a mapping section, are you talking about a folder? Can you give me a location where to export it?


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Make sure when naming the map that there isn’t any spaces in between. Put underscores __ instead.

Why is that?

I don’t know but it will do that.