I have a problem

hey i have a problem in garrys mod. when i first time installed gmod, it run smoothly. then i reinstalled it, because i haved new computer. sooo i ran it and no problems. then i looked at content and i clicked at mods i dont have. i reinstalled it again and now i cant pass loading screen, cuz its downloading that mods. is there other way than downloading all mods?

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and sorry for my english.

I’m not really sure whats the problem, but you could try to reinstall gmod to make it go to default settings. And never check the boxes for games you dont have, that takes ages.

not every game has its stuff downloadable elsewhere, but you should find some stuff here: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/

On a side note, you’re posting in the wrong forums. Here: http://www.facepunch.com/forums/16-Help-amp-Support is where you should post :slight_smile:

oh thank you so much and sorry for posting this here :slight_smile: and how do i make it go to def settings? :smiley:

Reinstall gmod. And back-up the files before doing that, it’ll make the install go faster.