I have a question about MODS

Why is RUST able to be modded? Is it becuase Garry allows it or is it a sort of reverse engineer of the RUST code?

I see Garry often post that modded servers are not RUST’s “wishes” and dont use them to complain about issue, which I get but is’nt Garry/FP to blame for the MODDED servers?

Modding is done through custom patchers that alter the game files. In a sense they are very akin to hacks, altering the game so it acts differently. This is known and accepted yet unsupported by Facepunch. There are no specific concessions made by Rust for modding kits as far as I know.

What Garry means when he says he doesnt want to hear about modded is things like people complaining the game is broken because some other guy /removed his base after being raided and shit like that. That is a mod issue not a game issue, let alone a gambreaking issue. The game is balanced for Vanilla and plugins need to deal with that.

i never play on modded servers…you never know what happens to your PC !

That is a totally lopsided logic. Modding in Rust is 100% server side, your client is totally unaffected. There is zero risk of anything bad happening. Your PC is more than safe.

what I don’t understand is that /remove command already in the base game code and the MOD is just accessing it?

No, the mod is augmenting its behaviour. Making it accessible always when necessary rather than only within minutes of building or minutes after upgrading.

I haven’t used remove mods in experimental but back in legacy remove mods simply made tools destroy blocks. There are many ways to go about this, basically a plugin can hook into a ton of events and change or augment the default behavior.