i have a question about servers.

so there is a server that im allways playing there and for some reason when im trying to connect it says “connecting” and kicks me out from the server.
it happend to most of the servers but there is servers i can connect but what is the problem?

More than likely your client is timing out and kicking you from the server.

The servers probably have the server.clinenttimeout lowered to combat people duping. Which in return if your client doesn’t load or respond fast enough you will be disconnected constantly…

At least that is what I found out when I lowered my server down to far.

It could be something totally different but that is my two cents.

so can i do something about it? or just try it again after a while?

Chances are you went into beta mode and never took it off, OR, the servers you are trying to load in are updated and you will need to go into beta mode.

Other possibility is that you’re banned.

how do you get into beta mode

what do you mean by saying beta mode?
i didn’t do anything to get banned for.