I have a question about the Rust RustAdmin tool

Hey all :wink:

U see in my title i have a question about this or better how it works with the triggeret commands ?
I had try to make a commandline, when a player kills an anothers ones, all ppl can see this in chat…i know it haves a help function , but maybe iam not clever enough for this ;/
For the commandline "say hello " if one comes on server, i needet a half hour, and only because i find the answer here in this forum ^^ didnt know i must use “!”

can anyone help plz with this ?

no one knows , how the triggered commands works in Rustadmin ?

you would be better off going to the Statistics tab and selecting Enable on “Send Kills events to game chat”

this option i have tryed befor , and i moved the deathmethods in the list ,but its doenst work ;(
And after 2 days , i found nothing about ,this is why i ask here now ^^

Maybe you want to contact with rustAdmin programmer directly?

ok, Problem is fixed…it was so easy…i dont want say it because i feel me stupid now xD
But maybe anothers will have the same problem anytime ^^

My first fault was, i move “bear. pvp” in the empty field.
Ofc,after where the deathnotes doesnt work i clear the list and try again and again and again.
Easymode to clear this problem ofc is reinstall, or you open the cfg file from your RustAdmin Server
Go to the line “deathEventsBlacklist” , and delete the “Bear;PVP”…etc… save it, start RustAdmin and it will works :wink: Great :wink:

So, next question, how it works with the highlights in rustadmin ? ^^


What do you wanna do with the highlight ? Basically you create rules to match log lines and colored them. Just let me know what line type you wan’t to match and I can help you with creating the corresponding rule.