I have a question concerning 3d stuff

So my question is,


If you look at this and you click on the youtube link on the bottom and you skip to the moment when it is “drawing” a 3d box at the position he gived the script.

How did he draw it?

Was it 3d2dcam or what ever its called or was it a entity with some code to outline it.

Maybe its a stoopid question but I want to know that!
Thanks for the answers :slight_smile:

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Well down at the bottom is a picture that one is explaining my question too.

The one with the ballons

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Heres the link


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To keep it short, how did he make that 3d box?

There’s a few different ways, but probably



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are there any other methods?


yes there are

From what I can see he used render.DrawBeam as stated above. Take that and use the PostDrawTranslucentRenderables hook to draw it.