I have a question rearding (Rules of an official server.)

I’m currently on US East 2 Non Pvp Server. (Sleepers are able to be killed.) My name is IRS Agent Bird a big trader on the server.

So I was AFK eating and taking a break with the game, and when I finished I had realized people were trying to build spike walls around me and I Immediately started moving. By that time the anti grief system was implemented and I started breaking all the Spike walls around her house. She accused me of hacking along with her 2 other friends saying I had been screen shot and they were gonna tell admins. Later on it disconnected me due to violation? But I could immediately log back in as if nothing happened. So I’m curious what is the rules of this server? Are there any? isn’t the point of the game to survive? Am I in the wrong or right? I’m a blunt person please tell me your opinion thank you.