I have a question

I have been trying for 3 days to download new maps for garrys mod. But everytime i do, i can’t find a folder to put the new map/ragdoll in. Could someone HELP???

It goes in C:\program files\steam\steamapps\USERNAME\garrysmod\garrysmod
maps for maps, addons for addons.

no it did not work

Did you extract it?

yeah, i extracted it and it showed up on the select map thing, but when I entered, it was all purple and everywhere it said ERROR ERROR

hi um im new at gmod all i want to know is do i need to buy a lot of games in order to use add ons???

No, you buy games to get the games you BOUGHT certain addons. Like if you bought team fortress 2 on steam you get all the characters and such.
BTW what is your username at steam, justinmeck1991


Sorry, justinBECK1991

That’s because you don’t have a specific game for the map.

Tell me, what source games do you have?

just team fortress 2

ok that had nothing to do with this, can someone REALLY help me? :expressionless:

Read the help and support FAQ next time.

Shit like that is caused when you don’t have the game that uses textures and stuff on the map.


Make your own thread


Get out.

Ok, well can you tell which game i need?

It depends what map it is, can you give me a link?

uhhhhh sure

Well that’s a counterstrike map, so I’d assume you need counterstrike.

ooooooohhhhhhh kay. Thanks, does anyone know of a map that I can get that doesn’t need another game %/

I highly recommend buying counterstrike. It’s not much out of your mom’s pocket, and you’ll need it for half the shit you’ll do online.

ok thanks!