I have a question.

I have this effect, http://img691.imageshack.us/i/towelsc.jpg/. Is would be to convert it to Prop, so that the green ring disappeared? Sorry if hard to understand me, I learn more English. Regards.

Here you go: http://filesmelt.com/dl/towel.rar

In the future, remember to post requests in the requests forum. Don’t worry too much about it now, though. New users can’t really be expected to find it when it’s been hidden so well.

Hidden? Who’s retarded enough to post without looking around first? I never made that mistake.

Some of them atleast, not all.

As you can see, I joined right before 2011 (a few months before) and I never made that mistake because I’m smart enough to go around and see what others do before I even attempted to do anything.

You’d be surprised. I’ve seen many people post requests in the main model/skin forum.

The thread starter can barely speak English.


I do not know English well. I use a translator. Forgive me that I created a new topic. Thank you for your help. If I need to replace another Effects to Props, I can write in this topic?

Yes. I will be happy to help you.

Shield is from PVK Weapons, Blanket from L4D.
That’s all I need for now. If anyone of you knows how to “straighten” the blanket, it would be really cool. I am looking for a model of the carpet too. If it is on the page, anyone could give me a link? - BabyFawnLegs - Thanks for the towel: D

Here’s the shield and blanket:



Enjoy =D

Many thanks! But I remembered something else: I need to replace it yet: the plants of the cs, l4d, hl2, and Gordon suit. It probably will be all I need. Best picture you’ve done, my friend!

Here you go!



You think it would be possible to create a ragdolled blanket/carpet or something? 'cause that’d be really nifty to have. :smiley:
Something like the default mattress model, just very thin.

Not a problem!

I wasn’t sure if you’d rather have a blanket or a rug, so I just made one that works as both. It’s a little basic (9 segments), but you can still have a lot of fun with it.



Happy snuggling!

Dear christ fawnlegs, do you exist? I’ve never seen someone so cheerfully helpful in my life :v:
Mass rated you hearts, you earned them.

Thanks =P

I really don’t mind doing this stuff at all.

This picture with Mossman is amazing! :smiley: Thank You very much for this super plants and carpet! In the picture with a carpet, is a lovely fireplace, it is as a one prop or some props?
http://img121.imageshack.us/i/gmconstruct0001g.jpg/ < My cat likes the carpet. :smiley:
Sorry, but somehow I can not find anywhere an option to insert an image, so I give links.

[sp]He doesn’t speak english[/sp]

No problem. The fireplace is a prop from cs_militia.

Wonderful! =D