I have a request to make.

I am finding myself desireing one particular file as a template for a couple of vehicle entities. Here is what I desire for it to do.

Mouse one fires the weapon.
Mouse two toggles mass and continues with momentum in the dirrection of travel.
Mouse movement aims the craft.
F toggles the movement controls on and off, so you can look around without moving.
Movement forward moves forward.
Movement left and right strafes left and right.
Back moves back.
Crouch goes down and jump goes up.

This is simple enough to pull off yeah?

a scripted vehicle isnt very simple.

and what exactly should the weapon fire?

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And also, basically, you want a hovercraft?


Simple bullets will do for now, maybe something from the game itself? SMG is fine.

Actually, this is for a series of realistic starships and such. My intent is to emulate the Vipers of BSG with this LUA. With the list that I have above, set to an entity shuttle or whatnot, it shouldn’t be too difficult to modify. All I’d need is a couple of cooky cutter command lines, basically Button A does this, and copy that down so that I can figure out how to modify them myself.

You seem to say everything you request isn’t hard to do the way I see it if you find something easy why cant you do it your self?

I am speaking through ignorance of the matter. Besides, what is easy for one is not easy for another, and I have no clue even where to begin with this.

Do not refer to something as easy if you have no idea how to do it then.

Yes, fine. Whatever. Its the hardest fricken thing in the world to do. Now, is someone going to lend me a hand in figuring this out, or not?

Nice attitude, I sure won’t be helping.