I have a shitload of problems

I’ve been working on a small map recently, sort of inspired by The Bielski partisans.

I don’t plan of releasing the map, I just wanted to play with some NPC’s (:smug:) and try some stuff I haven’t used before.

This guy looks really unrealistic and doesn’t face the direction of travel. He is following a looping track made of path_corners.

This guy doesn’t have any animation - he doesn’t move or breath, he’s perfectly still.

This guy doesn’t stop at the path_corners despite the settings set for him to stay there for 2 seconds. Also, how would I make him play an animation while walking because he is supposed to be pacing and when I applied an animation to him using a scripted sequence, he just started walking when the player spawned and doesn’t stop.

These two are repulsed by each other and the women always moves, despite being placed right next to him and having collisions disabled between the two using a logic_collision_pair.

And this guy just doesn’t face the right direction. He turns 180 degrees when you spawn.

Thanks in advance.


And sorry the lo-res textures, I forgot to turn everything up to take the screenies.

Path_corner’s wait command in the I/O system do not work for NPC’s. For the guy facing wrong direction turn the node around.

you inspired me to make a background map. good job.

That’s hilarious!

The node…?

I haven’t noded anything…


I’m gonna realise what you meant in a minute and facepalm.

The path_corner.

Oh, ok. I thought you were talking about the guy facing the wrong way, sitting down. Thanks.

That’s hilarious, it’s as if none of them like you or something, haha.

Oh… Damn Source :argh:

Wait. I’m going to make sure you placed nodes. Info_Nodes.

It’s a conspiracy!

No, not yet. All that’s in there is a some NPC’s following a scripted sequence. They have no control over there actions.

Best. Thread. Title. Ever.

alright. almost done with the background map. lookin good so far. the people are in a forrest and some are sitting down, some are walking back and forth. its great!


I thought you were kidding.