I have an advanced request.

As the title states, I have a request. This is somewhat simple, but at the same time kind of not. What I require, or request, is a shuttle modification script. What I need it to do is have two modes with basic movements. Straight up, straight down, strafe right, strafe left, forwards backwards, Role right and left, with mouse movements for orientation. This would be with normal flight charactaristics of say a starwars fighter. IE, when flying, it’d be fast enough to make dogfights interesting, agile enough to dance and stable enough to be able to hover.

The second thing I need this request to do is I believe somewhat simple. I request to have the effect of gravity toggle-able. Essentially, press a button and you’d drift like you are in zero G. What I’m searching for is an effect similar to that of the BSG Viper. With the two modes, all that’d have to be done is press a button and go from zero G manuvering for effect to full on dogfight. It’d probably be cool I think as well, if the pilot is killed while in the shuttle/vehicle, the thing would, depending on the setting, fall or continue drifting.

The reason I ask this, I have a viper model of my own I am wanting to get into Gmod, one thats rigged with gas jets for movement realism as in the series. Also, unless it’d be too difficult, could someone also provide some cut and paste script to put the camera behind the shuttles instead of inside the model?

So, 122 views and theres no one to tell me off or tell me what I ask is impossible? Hmmm…

No one will do this for free. Sorry to tell you that.