i have an idea for a weapon

i want the peice of pipe as a weapon with 2 attacks 1 for throwing and knocking stuff down 2 for throwing attaching and infecting NPC that turns them into an infection color then turns into into Big head Barneys witch i call REBELVIRUS

1st. This is NOT the good topip
2nd. I don’t get where the **** you are talking about
3rd. Get a life.

first off FUCK YOU and second i can post what EVER I LIEK!

Lets see…

  1. Should be in some kind of requests forum. Models, lua requests ect.
  2. Your English skills are terrible. If you’re going to post something, at least make it readable.
  3. Sounds like a terrible idea.

Wrong answer.
1st. You’re getting banned if you keep going like this
2nd. YOu can’t post, there are rules

Don’t act like such a douche.

But he’s being a tard. Don’t see a reason to don’t do it.

As a matter of fact, no, you can not post whatever you want. Here on a facepunch, we used to believe in moderation that bans flamers like you. Please, refrain from telling people to fuck off, and fuck you, or generally calling people a faggot, things like that.

Have a nice day.