I have an idea!

I will say this once and only once. You don’t read what i have to say about using my idea you will be left behind to use this idea.
I am giving this idea to anyone who is willing to create the idea. You do not have to even include my name upon creating the full credit is yours.
I am not claiming this idea as mine.

I was think for all you coders and excessively grand addon producers that maybe someone need to create an Assassin’s Addon.

I was thinking because this may be modified I am going to give my opinion on what would this could contain.
BE WARNED NOW: THIS IS ALMOST 100% based on Assassin’s Creed Series.

Assassin’s Hidden Blade weapon.
Assassin’s Creed based parkouring.

I’d do the blade. But, shouldn’t this be in Lua Scripting?