I have an idea!

OK I have an idea for Garry’s Mod

I was thinking of having a mod for chains for gears and cogs wheel’s I personally cant code to save my life but here’s an idea

Please post your thoughts about this i would like to hear you thoughts and opinions


Spawn a lot of helicopter granades. Weld them together, You got a Chain!
Spawn a chimney or a tall building, use the motor constraint in the building and the chain. OMG it moves!

that is not what i meant i meant like a stool or some props that are a chain not make one it would make some contraptions so much more easy

YOu want a chain to weld props together? Why not using rope?

because rope can always screw up

Agreed, One Rope is way Better than 9001 Welded Balls…

For a gears or cogs, use Ball socket or axis.

For everyone problem there is a solution-

if you’ve ever heard that line don’t believe it because it not true!

Primitive mechanics has cogs, but about the chain, i have no idea

I told alredy…
A dynamic chain, where the cynetic energy goes throught every link,(That means, every link moves) would be rather laggy and hard to code.

i think what oreoshake was asking is a rope that colides and can be wound up. and if thats not what you meant i want wat i said anyway.

Pulley. And he better try to explains us what he wants.

Ok what I meant is if someone could make a mod that would have an actual set of gears and chains, and I do not mean the ones from phx 3. I know i can use rope but it is very hard to do and it was just a question.

Well, coding some of the PHX gears so they simply transmit rotational motion without having to go through the collisions and getting jammed is relatively easy (although I myself have about as much LUA coding skill as a dead pigeon) as for the chain, i think theres a fair few threads about dynamic rope out there, although any prop with a hole in its collision box can be moved inside a similar prop using easy weld (then unwelded, of course) to create a rudimentary chain with no rope involved.

ok the gears are all phx and no one wants to re-post gears. as for the chain you could do the heli-bombs chain, or for a smaller rope like chain soda cans ball-and-socket jointed. as for a rope like chain tool… i guess you and the other hundreds of ppl who have posted this idea are S.O.L