I have an NPC request.

I think it would be quite a cool thing to have (all-together) soldiers from different parts of the world that are current. such as a Npc for each and with the following names. German-“deutsch” American-“U.S.” Russian-“Русско” French-"Français " and British-“U.K.” this would help me a lot. THANKS!

Look into Dans NPC pack
there is a russian
us soldier
and i think a german one too
just change their names :slight_smile:

Thanks, but I was looking toward the lines of the current, I have dan’s pack too, but I want them all to be friendly! Thanks for the suggestion though, but how do you change their names? I didn’t know you could do that.

Look for [lua]ENT.PrintName = [/lua] and edit it to your liking :downs:
Just don’t repload it :stuck_out_tongue:

Bad Spelling? Whos the :ninja: thats doing that shit.

“Friendly” Russians?

Hah, 'Funnied.

maybe not them,


Sorry, i have no idea how to do that, if it takes a long time i might not be able to do that because of work.

Look in the Lua files :eng101: