I have another two retarded questions. Please help...

OK, i’m working on a gamemode and i have two retarded Q’s;

  1. How can i make it so when you pick up a swep, it replaces the one you have of the same sort eg. you have an SMG, and you pick up an AR2, you drop the SMG.

  2. I know theres a lot of tutorials on help menu’s, but how do you make a frame, AND then put text into it?

Help is much appreciated. Thanks :smiley:

if wep:GetClass() == “weapon_smg1” then ply:StripWeapon(“weapon_ar2”)
elseif wep:GetClass() == “weapon_ar2” then ply:StripWeapon(“weapon_smg1”) end
return true
For your second question.

For your second, use a DFrame and either a DLabel or draw.DrawText. I’ll give an example eventually.


I disagree.

The above code will never allow you to pickup the ar2 or the smg. It just disables picking them up entirely.

Miss read then. But Entoros’ way would not re-drop the weapon, which is what he wanted.