I have been wrongfully banned from the official S&Box Discord


I am Adapting#4570 (848557274192150528) on Discord, and approximately 3 days ago, I was banned from the official S&Box Discord (discord.gg/sbox) under the belief that I was a bot.

I used to ask every now and then a random person with the devpreview role whatever they have made someone smile on the day or not, because I feel like it’s a great question to make to anyone.

As soon as I realized I had been banned, I contacted one of the Facepunch workers to see if they could unban me. After a little bit of chatting, they left me on seen.
2nd image


‘‘I’m gonna spam everyone the same question like a bot’’

gets banned for spamming



No way… I too spammed the same message to people over and over and over again with no profile picture and they though i was a bot and they banned me tooo!!! :scream: :frowning_face:

bruh moment

Tbh that message comes off as a pretentious non-question,

Odd question to make to only devpreviews, but if you rephrased it as “Have you made something today?” I would’ve sided with you despite being more passive-aggressive because I’m sure it would rub off the wrong way to some people who haven’t been in any way productive ever since receiving a key.

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the plot thickens

You either self-botted, in which case you deserve the ban for spamming
Or you didn’t self-bot, in which case you deserve the ban for spamming.

You just spammed the same question over, and over, and over again, and now you’re surprised that you got banned?


As a second point - if you weren’t botting, how come you only replied to “Yes”, and when you did it was always the same “I’m proud of you.” message? And how come your replies were instant? I’m not buying it.


Good riddance amirite

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this guy should get un banned and a key

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The ban should be upheld, next time don’t be annoying.


i mean, you looked like a bot


It’s just funny that your username is “Adapting” and now that’s exactly what you will be doing. lol :cactus:

He not only spammed S&box Discord, but also the TTT Reborn Discord of Neoxult. We answered and asked him back, but he didnt answer and just asked the next person the same question, so we banned him. Bot, I say! Get better automated answers.


I sincerely hope you know no one liked you

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lol no that was annoying plz dont unban

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The imposter has been banned :open_mouth:

plz unban he was my favorite bot in the sbox discord

wait… he wasn’t actually a bot…?