I have blocked Gameban not for that.

Как снять запрет на игруhttp://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198121524711

(User was banned for this post ("This is an English Speaking forum" - Gurant))

I dont have the key

What type of lock? Have you tried shooting it? Or using a nail file? Or bolt cutters? Lockpick or bump key? Or is this more of a bank vault? Please explain.

I’m going to assume that by “remove the lock”, you mean “remove the game ban”. Unfortunately, that’s not likely to happen unless EAC can verify whether or not the ban was legitimate or not, even less so when you don’t provide your SteamID or a link to your Steam account’s profile page for them to look up in their database.

Get some thermite man that will remove any lock.

Since you added a link to your Steam profile in your original post, I decided to take a look on the official Rust hack report twitter. Maybe I’m just a bit overly suspicious here, but judging by the fact that your last ban was 84 days ago (which I’m assuming is relative to the EAC ban), as well as the fact that you also have a VAC ban on record, and the fact that none of your recent usernames seem to show up (I can’t seem to get the twitter page to go any further back than April 15th), I’m going to assume that you were banned some time ago and are only now trying to appeal the ban (either that, or you’re trying to re-appeal the ban).

Did you happen to come here before under another username?


Well, considering that your last ban was 84 days ago and the fact that you have both a game ban and a VAC ban, I’d have to assume that either one came before the other, so it’s not very likely that the ban will be lifted by the folks at EAC. You’ll either just have to wait for one of them to pop in here and say something or you’ll have to buy another copy of Rust on a different account. Either way, I don’t really see it being very likely that you’ll be unbanned.

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My statement still applies, dude; the ban was still long enough ago that it most likely won’t be lifted. You’ll still have to wait for someone from EAC to respond, but I’m still pretty sure that they won’t lift the ban.

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