I have bz2 compressed files but they don't download in my server addons.

Okay a while ago I made a resource file for all my models and addons etc… then I noticed it worked but they downloaded slow so what I did was compress the files to bz2 format and I remade the resource file but here’s the thing now none of the files download and my server has the end file name too like this for example "resource.AddFile( “models/vip/slow_vip.dx80.vtx.bz2” as you can see what I meant by end file name was bz2 so I basically put everything and for some reason they don’t download it there anything else I have to script? Please help asap.

Why are you adding .bz2 extension, that does itself, you’re adding a file, not a zipped file.

Hahah the funny thing is I’ve done that already and the files still don’t download. :slight_smile:

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I still need help.

BZ2 files are for FastDL servers only.
FastDL servers do not support addons folder, any materials/models/sounds/ect. have to be placed in the base directory of your FastDL server.


I am willing to help. I need you to post some info first.
-Contents of the “resource.lua”
-Contents of the “server.cfg”

As far as bzip2, and using the .bz2 files,
You must have both the regular (example.mdl) and the compressed (example.mdl.bz2) on your server.
The engine will automatically unzip the .bz2 file, and make it usable for players.

If you need more help, contact me.

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