I have DX11 support but I can only get DX8 enabled settings?

I have an integrated graphics card (mistake, I now realize), but DxDiag says it is Dx11 supported regardless. Yet, when I play garry’s mod, I can’t put the shadows setting past medium, thus I have no dynamic lighting, and it appears phong doesn’t work (as far as I can tell). Is there something I can do to force garry’s mod to let me use these features or something? If there are any more details I need to provide go right ahead and tell me.

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also whenever I set multicore support to “yes” (I have an i3) and hit apply it just changes back to no on it’s own

Is there anything in the Garry’s Mod start up options? Sometimes they don’t like to let you change settings.

Also, is it an Intel Graphics Card? If it is you should just leave it in DirectX 8.

go to garrysmod on steam libray

right click and go to properties

then go to set launch options


-dxlevel 90

dx9 is the max that gmod supports.

Thank you SL1

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I just want to punch it up for screenshots

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Still not working. Here’s a screenshot after I did what SL1 told me to. It’s keeping multicore processing on and thus I feel like I’m have a pretty big jump in performance but here’s what I see when I try to get dynamic lighting and phong

-dxlevel 95 is actually the maximum (directx 9.0c)

still not getting any phong or dynamic lighting with that unfortunately

Bloom/HDR settings?

I can set and I have set HDR to full

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here are my settings

It should be noted that I’m 99% sure motion blur doesn’t actually work. I’m using -dxlevel 90 here and it allows me to keep motion blur on (where it is greyed out when I have level 95 or none at all)

DxDiag only metions the installed version, it doesn’t mean your video card supports it. You should probably get an external video card.

Isn’t it required by windows 7 to have at least direct x 10 or something?
And can you get an external card for a laptop if you already have a internal one? I was told you couldn’t

DX9 128mb
as far as i can remember let me check.
DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM 1.0 or higher driver

So then I should be able to see phong and such…

To be honest I think a gpu upgrade will solve all problems, even if it means you just getting a ati radeon 5450 for £39.99

are your drivers up to date?

Yeah they are. again, it’s an integrated graphics card, so not many updates in that area unfortunately.

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again, I have an integrated card, so is it even possible to get a new one?

I wasn’t aware integrated graphics card support Dx11.

It appears the HD intel thing I got here does. I don’t really know how to check what it can run other than dxdiag and it says dx11 so ?_?

According to this, all versions of Intel HD Graphics does not support DirectX 11.

well I only want to use dynamic lighting so I should still be in the clear

Still would like help with this if possible