I have few questions

Me and my friend have made a base and we don’t want to lose it, I found a live map generator on playrust.io, I entered the server name but I can’t figure out how to use it. Can you login and then see where you’re currently at?
Please reply with an answer because we want to start raiding etc… and we don’t want to lose it.

(I also have a lil’ question, anyone know when Rust will be on sale? I’m currently playing it on Family Share but I don’t want to spend the full 20 euro.)

Thanks in advance m8,
yo boy,

Why didn’t you just sign in and see for yourself rather then posting here?

Rust.io only has live tracking on modded servers that have it installed, which almost all of them do. You simply press sign in through steam in the top right corner.

The sign in button doesn’t seem to appear, all that appears is “Procedural Map”

I’m assuming it’s a vanilla server then, so no you won’t be able to live track your location.

Unless you’re trying to sign in on your ios device, as the rust.io website is bugged out on iphones and iPads ect. and tends to cut off the right side of the top panel.

Yeah, It’s Vanilla, FacePunch Ireland 1 server.

Create a map … then, on that map, mark where your compound/base is and then draw lines out from that mark horizontally and vertically, so that you can always see where you are in relation to your base in game with ‘G’.

The only downside to this is, if you are killed, they can pick up your map equip it and see where your base is.

Cheers mate!

yeap, i raid a lot of bases marked in maps… the best way to use it is fast dropping it before die… my favorite way to keep a base even it got raided is leaving a bag close the base, in rocks bushs or camouflaged position. maybe after a while people memorize the base position, anyway is good make some kind of small bunkers arround the base. if some raid it you can spawn in the back and kill the raiders more ease