I have found a way to get infinite Rust Alpha keys!

And you can too!

Just grab yourself a 3D printer and start cranking them out like crazy!


Thank you! I’ve been waiting forever to get a key!

Im pretty jealous of ur 3d printer

aww the fun I could have with that… If I hada 3d printer I would make these for my friends who didn’t get keys hahaha

Dang only if I had a 3d printer…

Will this work with a 1d printer?

No, but I heard that you can use 3 1d printers to make it.

Thanks frozensoda it really works! Oh man I am just having a blast with Rust!

*looks at bottom left of screen,sees 53 disappointed guest"

Holy shit this works so well I got the super garry edition with garry newman and facepunch the facepuncher as playable characters with enhanced hd graphics and totally wicked weapons like fisting the face thanks OP you made my day everyday.

You and your damn 3d printer

Is it possible to 3d print 3d printers or parts? You could just make them :smiley:

But 3D printing a 3D priniter with no 3D printer to make the 3D parts would be 3Diculous. huehue

Damn, its about time.

being stupid on a stupid joke thread where everyone is acting with uniform stupidity is a cringeworthy offense I guess

3D print my name already like you promised.

a new best, i modeled the name and started the print in under 10 minutes, it’l be done printing in 18 minutes.

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The joke is pretty much over for this thread it will probably get locked soon.

That’s a thing. Look up the RepRap project.

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I’m actually making one of those.

By any chance did you print out the 3d guns like the clips and stuff?

Why hadn’t I ever thought of this xD