"I have found her, In a trouble."



GlassesMan picked the wrong president’s daughter to kidnap

now he is in a trouble

The hand around her mouth seems really oddly bent.

Pic’s a bit dark (took me a while to realize there’s a third person), but otherwise not bad.

He has guns that can go through people’s heads.

Anyways, I see a few clipping errors such as the glasses or the guns, and it’s a bit dark, like the others said. But it’s very detailed and overall, I like it.

GlassesMan is a bit feminine, don’t be hatin’

They’re being lit from underneath, so his microphone’s shadow should be projected higher on his cheek than it is.

I was a little disappointed when you bust through a wall to find she was just left on a gerny, while an entire divison of Russians are trying to help torture the Russian president.

Logic anyone?