I have made some special ammo for the deagle but it doesn't load.

i made the desert eagle hold special ammo instead of the default pistol ammo, but when i use it, it doesn’t load the desert eagle it just vanishes. any help?

here is the ammo i made’s code

Name: "sh_ammo_pistol.lua".
Product: "Cider (Roleplay)".

if ( !cider.plugin.get("Generic") ) then return; end;

-- Define the item table.
local ITEM = {};

-- Set some information about the item.
ITEM.name = ".50 ammo";
ITEM.size = 1;
ITEM.cost = 1000;
ITEM.model = "models/Items/357ammo.mdl";
ITEM.batch = 5;
ITEM.store = true;
ITEM.plural = ".50 Ammo";
ITEM.uniqueID = ".50_ammo";
ITEM.description = "Special ammunition for bigger handguns.";

-- Called when a player uses the item.
function ITEM:onUse(player) player:GiveAmmo(60, ".50 ammo"); end;

-- Called when a player drops the item.
function ITEM:onDrop(player, position) end;

-- Called when a player destroys the item.
function ITEM:onDestroy(player) end;

-- Register the item.



I dont think you can use “.50 ammo” as the GiveAmmo.

should i try putting “357 ammo”?

EDIT: sorted, thanks!