I have never seen anything like this before.

Every since the latest GMOD update, my server has been screwed over.

I have barely any addons on the server, btw.

It’s running DarkRP.

Basically, anyone that joins cant see there physgun. They can see the light(which in this case covers the whole screen) and thats it. You can’t see any doors, any props, nothing. Just the basic map outline. I tried switching maps, generating a new cache, re-updating the server, but still nothing.

I’m getting no console errors.

It also seems that when I go into thirdperson, there is a huge rope attached to the persons back that leads to the center of the map 0.0. Also, the weapon that the person is holding is above their head. Like, literally. Even the arm is above their head.

This is for EVERYONE who joins my server.

Please help :<

Replace all the gitched items in your server. Even if you have you have to start over.

Fixed after update.