I have no derma ?

the setting to change my UI color (derma) is gone, it should be in gmod settings right ? I cannot find it, could it be because I have an addon that took it away or somethinmg like that ? I do have the example derma that garry made so i diont think its because i dont have a derma skin.

Ohhh and yeaaaaa :smiley: Portal is free now.

post screenshots

going to sound like a noob here but, i only have 4 posts…how do you posts pictures

It was removed last update.

ohhh ok well when i click on gmod settings on the main menu, i only have content. As where i should also have derma in a different tab

*** I THINK *** You can get the lua codes for the menu colour scheme that you want and install it, replacing any other scripts.

That could work but then the original derma is then gone.

Am i the only one without derma ?
Do you guys have the ability to change derma skins in gmod settings ?