I have no idea how to use lua can anyone help?

I’ve decided that i’d like to start making my own addons using lua and custom models but i have no idea where to start.

I have no idea even what LUA stands for and yes i know i seem like a complete no brainer but everyone starts somewhere. If anyone could take the time to help me out that would be great, if there’s a GREAT tutorial for how to start using LUA and all the basics or someone could just take the time to explain LUA to me that would that would be very helpful.

I also have no idea how to make my own models.

I need to know some good easy-to-learn at start but more detailed later on free programs for modeling and transfering the models into a gmod usable props.

If you know ANYTHING that could help i’ll be happy to hear it.

For modelling try 3DS Max, then maybe Photoshop to make textures.
Also, Lua doesn’t stand for anything. That’s why it’s “Lua” and not “LUA”.

Here are some tutorials on using Lua with GMod: http://wiki.garrysmod.com/?title=Lua

Good luck!

and its Lua not LUA. Lua is not an acroynm is it a proper noun aka cappitalized first letter lower case rest. The word itseslf means moon. Please next time search for one of the millions of how do i start coding Lua threads. The link i just gave you is the basics of Lua.

Thanks so much everyone but CombineGuru, isn’t photoshop expensive?

cough torrents cough

Lol Torrents. Before you try to kill the Adobe Industries, please take the 30 Day Trail.
I Bet you will stop after 20 Days because Photoshop is very Hard. Try Gimp or somethin

Use the gimp if u dont wanna torrent or spend money

Photoshop is for beginners to Hard trust me.
Use gimp

Im awsum at photoshops

im starting to get awesum at 3DsMax :smiley:

He is right, Photoshop has quite a long learning curve, but once you have grasped basics it’s quite easy to go from there with the program. If you have the time i suggest you learn to use it over GIMP or any other program as it is far more powerful and alot more can be done with it. Also it’s industry standard which is always good to brag about :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok thanks so much again.

The good way to learn photoshop is to search for tutorials (better if video) and go from basic ones to the most advanced, maybe experimenting some stuff on your own between tutorials.

GIMP’s interface is atrocious. I actually find Photoshop easier. Much easier.

I guess it is preference.

Yeah, I don’t like gimp’s interface either :X. It was a lot easier to find what I was looking for in Photoshop.

I guess if I was running multiple monitors, gimp would have been nicer since I could full screen the image on one screen and the tools on the other, but I don’t have two monitors to do that with.