I have no idea why I can't view my model, and I get no indicative errors as to why it's happening.

When I saw a recent post about someone asking if someone could port a model, I figured I need to learn how. For the second attempt now, I have gotten all the way through the process and then the model won’t work. The texture is vertexlitgeneric, I’m getting no errors in the compilation, and no guides have helped me.
Here is a copy of the folder I’m using to make the model (https://www.dropbox.com/sh/iydveht0u894raq/WpleTDJ7hw)
My workflow was:
Using GUIStudioMDL 2.2, I loaded that gameinfo.txt (which I crappily ripped from the SFM folders) and set up the EP1 sdktools directory to the correct directory.
After opening the .qc and hitting compile, I only got the warning of bad smoothing groups, which doesn’t appear to be messing up the model.
I opened the Source Filmmaker SDK tools (for some reason every other configuration in the regular SDK tools gives me an error with gameinfo.txt), open the model viewer and all it says is “Error opening model.”
Can anyone help me with this? Sorry if the dropbox link stops working, I’ll try to get it onto another file sharing service.

Fixed .qc and added a frikkin idle sequence (its not optional, ITS REQUIRED). DL: http://www.mediafire.com/download/jhzscedt8c9a6n9/FixedCrate.zip

It worked for me in SFM, try it out!

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Thanks for adding all the source files, well thought.

Yes! Thank you so much man! I was using the sample .qc from the Valve wiki, so I wasn’t entirely sure if it was right or wrong. Thanks again so much, I’m so glad I can put custom props into SFM now!