I Have No Problem Getting Raided...I Do Have An Issue With Someone Just Trolling The System...

I’m sure I’ll get flamed for this…but wutevs…

Blow up my doors…steal all my stuff…that’s the name of the game. But don’t be a complete ass and put 1 door in the middle of my house so I can’t access the other half. It’s one thing to steal my guns, supplies, kill me, and destroy my crates…but at least let me build my house back up. There is nothing more frustrating than losing a house you have over 8000 wood and 2800 metal frags in because you now have someones door on it. I normally play solo, don’t bother to many people and try to help out randoms. I don’t raid, and don’t have access to C4 but the fact that someone else can walk in and put a door on your house is really irritating.

Please make it so people can’t put doors on a house other than the owner unless the house has already started to decay.


Ownership is on the to do list.

They wont do this.

However, you are right, griefing ist shitty.
Blow up the doors, take what you need and leave. But instead, they blow up the doors, take a few things and destroy the rest of it, even the Boxes…

Ownership is bad for the game, I hope they do it right, and allow it to be turned off. It’s part of the game, any imposed mechanics that hurt the realism is bad for the game.

Do you not know anyone who owns a house? Just pointing out you’re argument is about realism. Just owning a house doesn’t prevent theft either.

To be honest it would be smarter to not block entry to the house…if there was good stuff before, give them a few days or a week and raid it again. Either way, I don’t mind my stuff getting ganked but they do need ownership IMO. Without it, the ONLY tangible way to progress is through researched items which I don’t know if it’ll be enough.

The game is about building and progressing, without ownership they are making one of the games pillars completely irrelevant and making it pretty easy to feel a loss in one of the major aspects of progression in the game, building. Researching is a good form of progression and I’m glad that can’t be taken away, but at the same time when you lose all your stuff you have to do quite a bit of work to “progress” again in order to make the things you lost…I dunno, just a thought.

Because when you get IRL robbed someone will replace your door with their own door…? realism?


There is no realism in fucking up someone their building… There is also no point in it.

People just raid in big groups and troll as much as they can, because it’s “fun”. It’s just pathetic and it shows that the person who does that is nothing more then a immature kid.

Ah well, on some servers admins remove those doors (which is nice)

You plunk down a 20+ room house, with at least 14 metal doors, in a single location, without any form of auxiliary base, and without first obtaining access to C4? Don’t you expect a house of that size to attract the attention of raiders? Don’t you expect that any other players with bases in the immediate vicinity may perceive the size and location of your base as a direct threat and therefore prefer you to move elsewhere? Wouldn’t you expect said neighbors to effect all means possible to encourage you to move to a new location?

I love the freedom this game gives us to play however we wish; however, that freedom comes at a cost-- if you play in a manner that threatens other players, they are likely to take steps to eliminate you as a threat.

You’ve basically put a big sign on your base saying “hey all, I’m a threat!”

If you want to build a big base with a minimum risk of being griefed, you’re either going to have to go WAY out into the northeast wilderness (where the only resources are trees) or you’re going to have to join a PVE/No-Griefing server. Period. Otherwise, you need to work within the existing game mechanics and that generally means either spreading your loot out over multiple smaller bases or, otherwise, being able to blow your way back in to a base that has been compromised.

Welcome to Rust.

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Also the suggestion that dropping a door in another persons house during a raid is “without a purpose” is a pretty uncreative statement. There are many many reasons you may want to drop a door in someone elses house: 1) it protects you from the owner returning and shooting you in your back as you raid further into their base, 2) it leaves a message to the owner that their base is compromised and encourages them to build elsewhere, thus leaving resources and control of the immediate area to the locals (presumably you), 3) it can serve as a point of access into the building in the future if the owner doesn’t realize the door has been compromised, 4) It has a psychological effect on the owner, throws them off balance, makes them mad, and may cause them to play recklessly until they get over it-- in poker this is called “going on tilt.” Putting your enemies “on tilt” gives you an advantage. These are just some of the legitimate reasons why you might want to place a door in the enemy base.

Well, in the modern world we have this thing called “police” and a “judicial system” where if I invade your house and take it over-- changing your locks and sleeping in your bed, I get raided by this thing called a “SWAT team.” However, my guess is, that in a post apocalyptic scenario where the very government itself has been annihilated-- you’re going to have people squatting in other people’s houses. Yes, realism.

ill be honest, i do this… but only when i want them to move.

I honestly don’t understand why people spend so much time complaining about this, instead of just building smarter.

We accepted our first encounters with griefing. It sucked. We learned that there were things we could do to limit the amount of griefing that would be possible with my bases. We started building out an extra 2 platforms with pillars higher than my bases. We made sure no room would have any materials that added up to the amount of c4 needed to access. To combat hackers with ESP, we made every room look identical. some would have materials in them, some would not.

TL;DR: the people “griefing” you are only able to grief you because you aren’t building correctly. Keep learning, stop complaining.

To be honest, it would be smarter to UNLOCK THE DOOR so that when the owner returns he will not realize it is a foreign door. He may then continue to use the base, oblivious to the fact it has been compromised, and you may be able to walk in the front door later – without using C4-- and rob the guy blind. He will blame “hackers,” but there will be no cheatpunch or VAC bans for you!

There is a lot of “deep strategy” in this game that most players are completely oblivious to.

You need to outthink your opponents, not just build a big base and then whine to the Devs to create a game mechanic to protect you and your stuff.

If you can’t hold it, defend it, and use it – then you don’t control it.

“House ownership” means the ability to remove a building element (such as a pillar) if you were the person who placed it

If you are expecting Garry to give you the ability to remove foreign doors inside your base with a click of a button and no C4, you are going to be very disappointed.

honestly i wish player made buildings could be completely demolished during a raid by those who have the resources to do so

the game should be way more punishing. people need to learn that losing everything at any time is a risk you run if you dont play smart in rust


In real life you can remove pillars and metal doors without C4.

people don’t troll buildings just to troll IMO. they do it because raiding isnt deep at all

I generally troll buildings and foundations in the areas near my own base/resource areas. I have enough hostiles to deal with on a daily basis, going about my business and running my collection rounds. I don’t need new people moving into my area, building up a 20 room base, and then using it to farm the local resources.

If you want to build in my stomping grounds, I’m going to make your life as miserable as possible. Build somewhere else; leave the resources to me. Thanks.

To be honest, if your base has been raided, unless it was an exploit, design flaw or something easily fixable it’s probably time to move anyway.


PLEASE find just ONE story of a thief who broke into someones house and build a new wall and put a door in it with a lock…

If you find just ONE story like that I will be a believer.

…Until then you just sound retarded

"Using sledgehammers, jackhammers and power saws, New York City police officers evicted a small group of heavily barricaded people yesterday from one of the few remaining tenements in the East Village still occupied by squatters.

As a police helicopter circled overhead, officers from the Emergency Service Unit wearing white sanitary-protection suits struggled to break through barricades at the front of the six-story tenement at 713 East Ninth Street, where squatters had fortified themselves behind new concrete block walls reinforced with steel.

At one point the squatters shot fireworks over the heads of the officers, but the eviction was otherwise not violent and without serious injury.

At 10:30 A.M. a squatter walked out onto the fire escape and shouted, ‘‘It’s going to be a long day, officers, a very, very long day!’’ But at 11:30, officers in riot helmets entered the building through a back door and quickly made their way onto a fire escape to cut down two hanging banners saying ‘‘We the People Won’t Go.’’"
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ahahah, and another:

And those aren’t even post-apocalyptic scenarios where there is no police or military to fear.

Yes I own a house, what is the point you are making? Yes, you can get stolen from in your house, so, the game matches real life? How is this an argument against me? …

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Rust is not today’s world. If today’s world had no laws or enforcement, would people steal other’s houses? You’re damn right! You guys are making my point for me.