I have no tools in singleplayer sandbox

I launched GMod today to see that I have no tools at all. Later on I also found out I had no camera or toolgun either, but it turns out they are there even though they’re in slot 1 and named ‘PRINT NAME’

I’m not sure what’s caused this to happen because I disabled most of my addons, I got about 4 enabled and none of them are extra tools either.

This is basically what the game looks like now

(I can’t make them smaller from it’s original size which is 1920 x 1080 so I had to put them as links, sorry)


I’m not sure if this problem is just with me or if it’s happened to everyone after the workshop limit problem got fixed earlier, but I guess we’ll have to find out.

First try to verify Garry’s Mod cache files. If there are corrupted files, Steam client will redownload them.

I do believe you have too many addons, or too many lua files to be precise. Uninstall some lua heavy addons.

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tags will make the image smaller:

It hasn’t helped, should I delete any of the folders in the game directory and see if anything changes?

(Also I have now disabled all addons on workshop, only leaving some of my legacy addons still enabled including the LoneWolfie Cars and TDMCars SVNs)

  • Fixed it, don’t worry now. SGM Cars were causing the problem (I decompiled them into legacy addons when the workshop limited it so that you could only have 50 subscribed addons at once)