I have one annoying problem here...

Well, this is my 1st post and no is a good post.
My game does not play any sound. No one, nothing. it’s just… fucking stupid.
All this started when the update of “phx” was released. Before the update all was beautiful. Then, after the update, i opened the game and well…no sounds. i thinked…“well…##"##”## that ###$" and i leave the game. Then i got the HL2 games. And I wanted to return to the game. The same problem. Okay, i asked to players and i got some rational answers, and an others…well…stupid…

The rational answers was
-Check the integrity = Tested , no solution
-Delete the addons and custom stuff one by one to the actual to the old= bored and tested, no solution.
-Uninstall and reinstall = tested, bored, slow and no solution.

The irrationals answers was
CHECK THE VOLUME OF THE SOUND DUDE= i hear music while i play this game.
CHECK THE SOUNDS DRIVERSSS= old, ya, always. I’m a nerd, for #$#$3 sakes, i love the updates.
and another type of weird and annoying stuff…

So, if anyone can give me one solution or tips, well appreciate.
one question…there’s commands in console to check the sound? if exist, you can show’it me please? thanks in advance.
And i want make a little short film for one friend, and well, i can’t rec without sounds.
and i’m new in this world of the “machinima”.

I’m uninstalling for 3th time. I’m bored.

check you default Audio devices.