i have problems in garry's mod

Problems which I have for about days is trés disrupting(perturbing) to the point that I do not any more manage to play(I do not see any more big things) a screen of the fact than I see every time, I do not manage to solve problems since an update garrys mod

i need the help for debug game

The Pink & Black squares are missing textures.
And all the words on the screen look like a wall hack kind of…
Did you install any addon right before this started happening?

Looks more like he has dev mode on. As in it shows errors and shit all over the map from props touching props, etc. I don’t remember there being icons over them though. So maybe it’s some kind of addon for advanced error spotting? Kind of reminds me of Synergy when the player icons wouldn’t load in large co-op servers.

But I agree with M60, check any recently installed addons, though I’d run all your Source games especially CSS, HL2 and the HL2 episodes at least once so they can convert to Steam Pipe and make sure their mounted in Garry’s Mod.

You have a shitty wallhack that can’t find its textures.

Texture pink(roses) it is normal for me x) knowing that I had these no texture, but it is to see the name of every prop which disturbs me to play, I vait to look at my addon that owes etre that

edit : Problems is solved, it was good an addon which(who) bug I have him(it) to desintaller and I see again(revise) correctly x) thanks to M60warrior and loanstar744