I have purchased a server - how do I avoid "WIPING" when I need to perform updates?

As title says - I very new to all of this. I use FPS servers. I do not wish to wipe my server accidently. I know updates for Rust, or Rust++, or any other mod will occur quite often in Alpha - how do I avoid “WIPING” my server but obtain the needed updates?

Thank you.

Go to your FTP/File Manager

Zip up your myserverdata folder.

Do this each time there is a Rust update or whenever a mod you use is updated. If the server is wiped, you can re-upload your files.

Be sure to run a save.all in console before you do to get the most up-to-date save.

Thank you for your response. I am new to all of this, sorry.

When you say “Zip up” my serverdata folder…what do you mean?

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So, I do a “save.all” in game. This updates my myserverdata folder I take it. Then - before I UPDATE any mod - I zip this folder. Once the mod is UPDATED - I then “unzip” the folder?


You can simply download all your “myserverdata” folder to your computer.

Try to do it everyday, you don’t know what could happen.

FYI: any “wiping” done to your server is something your server provider has setup. Mod updates themselves will not “wipe” your server. It is best to keep frequent backups still.