I Have Start A NEW Server And I Need A Good Gamemod To My server

I Need A Good RP To My server

All Payable Gamemodes are Good frees are Minges

try gmodrp

It really depends on what you want on your server and how much Lua coding you’d be willing to do.

for some pay i can probably do something for you, or if you want something edited that too.

Disregard everyone here exept X090, Gmod rp is good. No guns, no minges and very fun. I thoroughly enjoyed playing it.

Yeah GModRP is very good. In my personal opinion, it’s the best available roleplaying gamemode out there.

Which version of it? I wasn’t a huge fan of the original, but I haven’t tried that new update that one guy made yet.

Yes. Definitely GmodRP.

I remember someone that started a strip club on Oviscity, then had a nervous breakdown and set it on fire with the Flare gun, removing everything and placing massive amounts of black spots on the ground and walls.

good times, man

perp2 is a good gamemode to play too , its hard to get hold of though