I have the game, but I still want some gameplay...

Can anyone link me to a youtuber who does A LOT of rust gameplay? (Not Psi, I’ve seen all of his :P)

use the youtube search function.

Obviously, but I mean I want QUALITY gameplay

sorry didn’t fully read thread. disregard answer lol

If you know any popular youtuber/streamer wanting a key, show me their request. I’ll give them a key

I have made two episodes of my Let’s Play so far. This is the first episode:

The videos are not that long… but I think you will enjoy them.

Everything hates you in this game. Never forget that.

frankieonpcin1080p asked but i dont want to see all his followers pouring at us…

Hey check ImmortalHD or Nova they are awesome but don’t have much videos.

In my opinion, they are one of the funniest.

I sent him one but hasn’t msg’d back

I upload some gameplay

I know the owner of an old gaming channel that is interested in making some videos with Rust, want me to tell him to message you Craptasket?

link me


EDIT: I don’t think he’s made any recent gameplay videos but the ones he used to make got quite a few views. His goal was to find glitches in games and he would report it to the devs so that they could fix them.

Realistically speaking though, most people would probably look up his videos to ACTUALLY glitch, but I know of quite a few glitches that he managed to get the devs of MW2 to fix.

You’ve tried the rest now try the best

I would suggest RogueSquare :slight_smile:

I know some people hate him and some love him, but I suggest checking out PsiSyndicate

His videos give you an idea of what it’s like to start up a base I think

Well I guess if this a thread of self promotion, www.youtube.com/user/mripope

I have about 12 episodes I have to upload after this already rendered