I have the peoblwm my picture flash

In 30 min game in multiplayer end hold buttons jump+crouch and
My video picture
Begins to flashes and some maps missing texture
How to fix :rolleyes:

  2. When you Crouch+Jump and you screen flashes? Seems odd. Maybe addon conflict.
  3. Missing textures happen if you don’t have that texture locally. I suggest buying CS:S as A LOT of maps use it.

Sory for grammer dude
I by all packets Hl2,Ep1,Ep2,H2l Deatmach,Hl2 Loast coast,Team fortes ,Portal ,CSS,and Garrys
But games ,H2 Deatmach,Hl2 Loast coast,Team Fortes ,Portal-not installed

Hmm, what map are you having trouble with? If so, check the mounting, should be under extensions on the main menu, then click the mounting button and make sure all (or the ones you want for whatever reason) and press OK and restart G-mod. If it doesn’t work, the map did not include custom textures, so go onto google and find the textures

I play in mutiplayer in serrver
in 30 min is big problem
The maps download only of server

  1. It’s grammar.

What are your specs for the PC you’re using?

Im Windows 7 (Rating 4,6)
CPU:Dual Core Intel Core 2 Duo E4300 1800 MHZ
Video:NVIDIA Geforce GTS 450
Ram Pamet:2GB

Your computer should be albe to handle gmod alright I guess. Although, you might want to add some more RAM. Anyways, try updating your DirectX and your graphic card’s drivers. Otherwise, you could always reinstall GMod completely.

I instal this:

no is directX my texturs is not wоrked